Quality Imports, Affordable Prices

This is our vision. OgaDiscount aims to bring you the best quality products from UK high street stores – at prices no higher than UK high street prices. This means that products that cost £10 in the UK would ordinarily be sold by Nigerian retailers for £10 + shipping costs + profit + store rent + staffing. We negotiate with UK retailers on pricing to ensure that by the time it arrives in our store, we’re able to sell it as close to £10 as possible – ensuring that our customers get the best deal possible!

We're Oga Discount 

Since 2009

While you may have never heard of OgaDiscount, we have been successfully trading in Nigeria for over 10 years as business-to-business suppliers. You may have even used products supplied by us in the past. We have been supplying stores with brand new UK items for 10 years, and we now aim to bring these savings to the public.


Business professionals

We are run by a strong team of business professionals and expert negotiators based both in Nigeria and the UK, aimed at consistently sourcing and curating the best quality products and household goods for our customers.


Best Quality

We work round the clock to provide the best value for you and ensure that the products we offer are the best you can find for your household, so you can save time and money.