Maths Set & Tin Pencil Case

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The Maths Set & Tin Pencil Case includes an eraser, sharpener, 15cm ruler, 2 set square & protractor, compass, HB pencil and a stencil. Ideal for an array of mathematics exercises and school work, this 10pc set is housed in a tin pencil case for safe storage and easy transportation.

10 Piece Maths Set
1 X Tin Pencil Case
1 X Eraser
1 X Sharpener
1 X 15cm Ruler
2 X Set Square & Protractor
1 X Compass
1 X HB Pencil
1 X Stencil
Minimistic in appearance but highly effective, the Maths Set & Tin Pencil Case has many of the tools needed to study mathematics.

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